The Heritage Coastal run – 6 miles

Kicked of the running schedule by doing a 6 mile run. The Heritage Coastal run. Sand, fields, cow crap, roads and more sand. Overall, an enjoyable run. An official time of 47.38.

The course was probably the most varied I’ve ever run on.

Let’s not forget that I had two 4 mile runs as prep for this race.  So in that respect, I’m very happy with my time!

The run is located near Saxmundham in Suffolk and, as the name suggests is a run that is not far from the coast.  The course was varied in that some of it was running on a path, which was covered by sand.  There were roads, bridleways, fields and woods.

A nicely organised local run to start me on my merry way!


2 Responses to “The Heritage Coastal run – 6 miles”

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